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Default Re: The Absurdities of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
Blue, you must believe in fairies, the "little people" and many other fantasies.

Where does government get the money to provide anything for anyone? They get it through taxes. In other words, those of us that have made a success of ourselves have to pay for the government to provide benefits for people like you that want to take, take , take.

Is it my fault that you did not get an adequate education so you could enter a profession? Is it my fault if you had more children than you could afford? Is it my fault that you toiled at a low paying job all of your life?

No, those things are NOT MY fault, so why should I have to pay for YOUR mistakes?

That is the difference between you and me, I believe that people should be self sufficient, and you believe that you are entitled to have whatever you want.

It doesn't fall off the trees my dear Blue. The government has to raise the money to pay for programs like you want. The only way they can raise money is to raise taxes.

Plus, if they provide the service, they will also control that service. So, you could easily end up like my grandmother, denied surgery, so you die!
Excuse me, but, "people like me who want to take, take and take?"

Excuse me, but, I didn't get an adequate education to enter a profession?

I had more children than I could afford?

I toiled at a low-paying job all of my life?

You're paying for my mistakes?

I believe I am entitled to have whatever I want?


Do you make it a habit to post lies about people or is it your nature to put people down in order for you to feel better about yourself?

A combination of both, I suspect.

P.S. Kindly refresh my memory. What programs is it that you say I want?

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