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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by True Cures View Post
It has nothing to do with me. I'm just a member you want to ban which would leave.....what two or three active members??

Like I've said before, this site has plenty of active members. Some post without discussion and some discuss. It has plenty of readers, too, who aren't members.

I'm quite certain I am not running people off or making the forum unattractive. I just post for people to read and make up their own minds, you on the other hand, well unless you edit all your post here it is obvious what you are doing. I don't need to justify my intentions, the whole thread show's my intentions as well as yours. I sleep just fine at night and I do not see any need to justify myself the way you are trying now. I'll offer you a little advice I'm sure will upset you, why don't you start a debate category unless you believe the same as EE that debate and discussion is the same.

I'm quite certain I'm not running people off either. Could be, according to you, that some people are running off due to the type of information some members post here, myself excluded, of course.

There isn't any reason for me to edit ALL OF MY POSTS because, irregardless of what you believe, I have no hidden agenda. If someone posts information on this forum, any member who wants to question it, can do so whether you like it or not.

There is no reason to start a debate category. Debate and discussion occurs within the thread about the topic presented, in case you haven't noticed, and, obviously, you have not.

The people I am trying to reach are people who want to know more about cures, not people who want to debate. Let your post speak for you and my post speak for me. I'm not here to debate with you and EE so please excuse me from responding any further. Thank you.

I'm a person who wants to know more about your cures, but, naturally, since I've placed you under scrutiny, you use the "I don't want to debate" obstacle. I have no problem if you don't respond to me any further. Your posts do speak for you and my posts do speak for me. Your posts say that you can cure any dis-ease within two weeks, and my posts say that I want to know how you can do this, but your posts say that you don't find it necessary to answer any questions about your claims because you only want to put the information out there without being questioned about it and/or engaging in debate, which is evil, according to you.

Back on topic without debate. If anyone other than EE and BA use CC here is a page that explains the major flaw with double blind studies that are so often brought up by those who wish only to debate the fact that YOU can cure any disease.

True Cures - True Cures Double Blind Studies

That is if BA doesn't ban me for not engaging in debate which I can't see being the end of the world because CC appears to be mostly dead anyway despite all the information in the world that could be shared here instead of debating. If CC is a sinking ship, it won't be much of a loss to be banned.
No need to worry yourself about CC being a sinking ship, it's just fine.

Inside the box.

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