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I would just like to discuss your opinions on the latest UK news about Gas supplies running out. I was actually shocked to hear this even though I don't believe a word the media spins these days. The reason I was shocked is that I have just recently moved into a new house and the housing estate is right next to 2 gas storage tanks and over the Christmas they have been all the way down. i.e empty and I said to my BF that's weird imagine if we ran out of gas hahaha its just something you don't think in this day of age would happen. Then the next morning the UK papers were covering these stories saying we only had 8 day of supply left in the UK. I was like no way!!! That I was spot on with what I said but its total bullshit its yet another story to spark panic into the general dumb masses of people out there to be controlled and manipulated into fear that we will run out so they will accept the increased fuel costs in the UK. There is no need for the price of the UK fuel prices in my opinion as its been announced for the last 2 years that all the major suppliers have increased profit year on year. This also brings me to another story I read how OAP's in the UK have been turning to a cheaper source of fuel, well the ones that have the old coal fires have been buying books in the masses from charity shops at 5p in comparison to 5 for a bag of coal and burning books to keep warm. It's quite funny as they have sourced a cheaper solution and basically the government does not like this option why because they don't benefit. I am quite surprised that they have to do this with global warming (hahaha) how come we have had such a bad winter 2nd years in a row if global warming is so bad that we are going to be hit with a new tax to pay around the world for C02 emissions hahaha yet another con. All I see is take our money line your pockets and and attempt to take our freedom.

I think we should have another peasants revolt.

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