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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

You know, Eire, when you engage True Cure's in discussion, it only makes you appear to be as credible as he is.

Like asking him questions and expecting that his answers are going to be believable as in the following.

Ture Cure's said regarding a cure for Autism:

"The cure is pretty much the same as curing any disease. Parasites and or pathogens in the growth stages are surely the cause. Putting a name to the exact parasite or pathogen causing the issue is not important, the elimination of all parasites and pathogens is what is the key."


True Cure's states that the cure for curing Autism is pretty much the same as curing any dis-ease and this involves eliminating all parasites and pathogens.

I wonder how he accomplishes the elimination of all parasites and pathogens.

Could someone kindly alert the world that True Cures can cure CANCER and any and all dis-eases within two weeks through the elimination of all pararsites and pathogens because these two culprits, according to True Cures, are the cause of all dis-easeas.

According to True Cures, you don't need to put a name to the parasite or pathogen because that's not important.

You just need to eliminate them.


So, NOW we KNOW.

Cancer is caused by parasites and pathogens and anyone suffering from cancer can be cured within two weeks by True Cures because he knows how to elminate all the parasites and pathogens that are causing the dis-ease without identifying them.

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