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Default Re: Mind over matter. Quantum communication.

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
I understand the presented concepts inspite of gramatical errors.

So by projecting our conciouse will form our body or mind via electro magnetic frequency waves produced by the heart in to the force that governs all matter. Could you communicate with people on the other side of the world or use it to view things that people dont want you to see?

As a "psychic", often I can heart-emotionally connect with my children and my friends without using any form of technology. A willingness between us proceeds the telepathy.

I also know of others who are invasive with their gifts and I disagree with their use of this "talent". Seeing what other people don't want you to see can heal or harm, be invasive or necessary.
I suggest you are EMULATING this in your mind, the child (or whatever) also doing the same. This will produce the same agreeable result.

"Electromagnetic radiation" (if it were there) would be EASILY detected using a coil and a galvanometer. "Magnetism" - use a compass.

The fact is the mind can easily produce this illusion. We are all suggestible.

Get a proper job.

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