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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

I see that you guys and gals here have been "fortunate" enough to have been graced by the presence of the great TC. He's quite something heh? I have been fortunate to have known the good "Dr" for over a year now. Unfortunately this site wouldn't let me register as blackngold, my normal username on the web, so I am BnG. Just the mere mention of the name causes shivers down ole TC's spine. To set the record straight - TC treated 300 people for Herpes last year and didn't cure a single one. Nada. Nilch. El Zippo. And he has plenty of unsatisfied clients running around the net telling their story to anyone who will listen. TC couldn't cure a case of fleas on a hound dog, even if he put a flea and tick collar on it.

You have seen firsthand that he reveals nothing of any value, and nothing he says can be verified. His whole story can be condensed to a few sentences. "I am the Great TC. I am the only one who can cure you. Everything else is a gimmick. See me or die."

Suffice it to say he is normally booted from any site he goes to - and it has nothing to do with people trying to suppress cures. TC acts like an idiot, insults people, and contibutes nothing of any value when it comes to health. You think you have been treated badly..... You should see how he treated some of his clients after they got pissed at him when he didn't uphold his promises..................
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