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Default Re: Trolls on my thread?

Originally Posted by BnG View Post
Come on TC. This is blackngold talking. Accusing someone who has put up 8,000 posts here of being a troll? Nevermind that he/she was defending you at the beginning of the thread. This ain't your private playground here. You come here and insult and pillage, AND try to plug in links to your commercial site where you pick up clients....... And then you wonder why you are moderated?

Get a life TC - and stick to the million Hubs that you have created and run on the web. Oh yeah..... I forgot..... No one ever visits them......sigh...........
Let's be clear.

I was defending TC in the beginning of his thread when he had not yet disclosed his agenda.

Let's also be clear.

I don't need you to come onto this site defending me against True Cure's claims that I am a troll.

The fact that I am a MODERATOR, in and of itself, is proof enough that I am not a troll.

Even without my Moderation capabilities, it is OBVIOUS that I have never been a TROLL.

Thank you, anyway.

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