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Default Re: what are your thoughts on this?

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Well it is pretty hard to explain things to you, since you scoff at even the simplest explanations, and claim that they still don't make sense to you. In my opinion you do this to try to discredit any information that does not fit your worldview, regardless of its validity. You have done it time and time again, and then try the poison the well fallacy afterward by claiming that any poster of actual information is claiming to be an expert in the field.
I don't do THIS, as you describe it, to try to discredit any explanation, simple or not that doesn't fit my worldview.


I have never SAID that posters on this forum claim to be experts in any and all fields.

I have only pointed out that this is what YOU claim to be.

The information you present regarding Autism is not factual.

IT is information that has been provided to you and you chose to believe it, so, therefore, it is ACTUAL/FACTUAL information according to your view.

The rest of us may not share your view/opinion.

P. S. My gifts of intelligence, critical thinking, deductive reasoning and logic were not learned from having spent hours in a physic's class. I was born with them.

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