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Default Re: Trolls on my thread?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Let's be clear.

I was defending TC in the beginning of his thread when he had not yet disclosed his agenda.

Thank you.
Hi BA. I certainly realize that. I was in the same boat as you 13 months ago. Ya try to give a newbie a fair shake - until they overstep their bounds - or at least until their intentions become clear. Me and TC first crossed paths on the alternative website curezone. And I was ....literally....the first guy to welcome him and...Well I asked him to come clean on what he "knew". Suffice it to say.....Well nuthin' happened. Yeah he finally ended up getting thrown off. And because I am a moderator there he blames me for the whole trainwreck. And he is still VERY pissed about it to this day. Jaws about it endlessly on the Web. Curezone is probably the biggest alternative health site on the Web.....with lots of sick, desparate people on it.... And well ole TC viewed it is a mega mother-load Cash Cow. When his mouth got removed from the big tittie..... Well let's just say he was pissed. Very pissed. Again - he still continually brings up me and curezone on the internet.

So take heed............................ (TC - this ain't no Cash Cow for ya here. So go bug someone else.............)
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