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Default Re: Revival of Khazaria is strategy- revival of Soviet Union is tactic

I've never been so sure about the push to WW3...i've always believed it a tactic in itself to brutalise the mind and intimidate.

I've always thought they'd keep us running in circles waiting for the next catastrophe while they simply ease the Police State bit by bit. Collapse the U.S economy and have the middle class BEGGING for a strong man/woman to save them from the chaos.

I've been certain there's no NWO split but every day I see little bits and peices pointing that way...

They are an insane lot...there past and present behaviour says alot. Perhaps they could be that foolish?

I always remember a great post I read on Chernobyl back in 1997. It included a PDF document of an American analysis of the event.

It concluded that the 'accident' was 'unexplainable' as such and that 7 levels of safety were bypassed one after the other almost as if it was deliberate.

The author of the web site concluded that Chernobyl was a test to see the long term effects of fallout on a civilian population.

I cannot find this site and I did'nt really take what he said seriously till recently.

I saw a doco on the follow up to Chernobyl. They had evacuated a VAST area of people and things were THRIVING! Rare animals had reappeared, the radiation levels were low and the countryside was booming with life...all because the humans had been got rid of...

I believe Russia was and continues to be, a vast testing ground for the NWO to some extent. On many different levels.
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