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Default Re: Revival of Khazaria is strategy- revival of Soviet Union is tactic

Hey true!!

Check this out, it's from <a href="">THIS</a> book by Eduard Hodos. I've talked about this book elsewhere, with Institute on his Third Khazaria thread.

Check out what he says about Chernobyl:

"It needs to be noted that the beginning of the erection of the Second and Third Khazarias were preceded by events designed to clear out the "building site" for the new "house of state".

The Khazarian Putsch of 1917 was preceded by the Russo-Japanese and First World Wars, which started the Russian Empire's irreversible process of destruction.

The factual destruction of the USSR, the socialist empire built by Stalin, was also begun long in advance of the "Belovezhsky Putsch" of 1991, namely in 1986, with the nightmare events at the Chernobyl atomic power station.

Bearing in mind the shocking similarity of the scenarios which prepared the way for these "Khazar putsches", one might assume that their estimated cost, as well as the source of financing, might have some common "family traits" as well.

The names of the financiers who paid for the "clearing of territory" in advance of the Second Khazaria are well known to us: "Schiff, Warburg and Company".

In the second case the "who, whom, when, and how much" isn't known to any degree of certainty. However, by analyzing certain events in the light of known historic facts, we can arrive at the following conclusions:

On the 26th of April 1986 an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl atomic power station, equivalent in power, as has been recently determined, to 500 Hiroshimas. This was the "bomb" which cracked the foundations of the great empire, whose "indestructibility" no one doubted up to that moment.

The "fissioning process" took on an irreversible character... A gaping hole in the country's economy opened up: unprecedented "unscheduled" financial expenses for the liquidation of the catastrophe, a general, army-style mobilization of "liquidators", enormous resettlements out of the contaminated territory, the erection of the "sarcophagus", and so forth. For the first time in our decades-long life as a "single family" mutual accusations began to fly and the "brotherly nations" began presenting demands to each other. And finally, the Radioactive Desert, which turned the very heart of the Slavic World into a "no-man's land", poisoning the hearts and souls of the "Great Soviet People", pushed the Socialist Empire over the brink, into the "black hole" of the Third Khazaria.

This whole Apocalypse was touched off by a single ... experiment! Uh-huh, that's right, a certain "unsuccessful unscheduled experiment" carried out (by whom we don't know to this day) on the eve of the Celebration of the "Great Khazarian Architects". [May 1st, International Workers' Day -- Editor]

Can we even imagine the unthinkable: that someone knowingly decided to play the role of "experimenter", risking a "diversion" which was to signal the beginning of the end for the socialist Leviathan? Yes, we can! As horrible as that sounds. For the right sum, as it turns out, anything is possible (even organizing the simultaneous hijacking of several airliners to attack the World Trade Center!).

We oughtn't forget that by that moment perestroika and the rot of the "moral philosophy of the dollar", were already in full bloom, poised to deal the death blow to the "moral philosophy of socialism", the virgin purity of which had heretofore been guarded by the "iron curtain" erected by Stalin. (By the way, in Stalinist times the mere mention of the word "diversion" was enough to make people tremble in fear...)

If we accept this version of the "clearing of the building site" for the Third Khazaria, we might expect the "expenses" item of the budget for this adventure to be comparable to that of the "Khazar Putsch of 1917".

As far as the source of financing goes... Here, as forensic scientists say, there's no direct evidence, but there are a few "leads" which give us much to ponder.

In my previous books I've described a certain ritual which I chanced to witness more than ten years ago in New York.

Every Sunday in Brooklyn a thousands-strong crowd of people awaiting the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe would appear. The blessing ritual was carried out with the help of crisp new one-dollar bills. Over the course of the day, the Lubavitcher Rebbe would hand out tens of thousands of dollars on which the portrait of the US President was covered over with a photograph of the Rebbe himself.

One of the dollar bills which made their appearance in the year of the Chernobyl catastrophe.
There's no ritual like this in any religion, even in Judaism. But that's not the main thing. The "spice" of this ritual is the fact that it was introduced by the now-deceased Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1986 -- the tragic year of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

I wrote about this for the first time in the pamphlet An Axe over Orthodoxy, or Who Killed Father Men' [about the murder of the Russian Orthodox priest of Jewish descent, Alexander Men' -- Editor], the first of three works making up the trilogy The Jewish Syndrome. But unfortunately this fact remained unnoticed by readers. As have many other facts, by the way, present in my works...

My regular readers are already familiar not only with the above-mentioned ritual, but with the Chabad sect itself, and with its "King-Messiah", the Lubavitcher Rebbe. However, for those who are reading my books for the first time, I'm simply obligated to fill them in on the main points. Here's a short historical reference, taken from my book, "The Jewish Syndrome".

Chabad is a Judeo-Nazi sect, built on the clan principle, at the head of which stands a "godfather", the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The members of Chabad are ultra-orthodox. Men and women are characterized by an astonishing sameness of appearance: the men are either too fat or too thin, with obligatory beards, frock coats and black hats; the women are thin with shaved heads and wear wigs.

Membership in the clan is extremely exclusive. Today there are only some 20 000 representatives of Chabad-Lubavitch. While the sect members make a pharisaical show of exclusive piety, they maintain an extreme secrecy about their activities.

The sect arose in the 17th Century on the border of three Slavic nations -- Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine -- in the village of Lubavitchi (in those days part of the Ukraine, now part of Smolensk Oblast, Russia).

Chabad is the only movement in Judaism with an obligatory fuehrer-leader at its head -- the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Over the course of 200 years - seven generations - this title has passed hereditarily from one generation to the next.

The sect arose, as its ideologues assert, in response to the persecutions of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, which were accompanied by the deaths of thousands of Jews. Orthodox Christianity, Khmelnitsky's spiritual foundation, is regarded by Chabad as a sworn enemy, deserving of corresponding treatment. [Khmelnitsky was the Ukrainian military leader who threw the Jews and Poles out of the Ukraine in the 17th Century, and re-united the Ukraine with Russia. -- Editor]

In the beginning of the 1930's Joseph Stalin, who in his time had studied in the Tbilisi Orthodox Seminary, and was correspondingly well-versed in matters of religion, expelled Chabad, as a fascist cult, along with the the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe from the territory of the USSR. Traditional Judaism, however, continued to exist on Soviet territory.

In the 1940's Chabad-Lubavitch establishes its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. From 1950 to 1994 the sect is headed by the seventh and last Lubavitcher Rebbe, and it's in this period that Chabad becomes a mighty political, financial and economic empire, with a goal of worldwide expansion.

The uninitiated often confuse Chabad with hasidism in general (Orthodox Jews, in other words). Representatives of the Chabad clan purposely, but misleadingly, identify themselves with a whole movement within Judaism, hasidism. In fact there are a whole range of influential currents within hasidism, many of them with a large membership: Karlinstown, Bratslav, Satmar, and others, which not only bear no relation to Chabad, but often find themselves in conflict with it. But it was Chabad which entered the USSR during the time of Gorbachev's perestroika, taking over the the religious and other activities of local Jews (and not only Jews)..." (I'll add that in the three years which have passed since the writing of this "historical reference" the "head count" of the Chabadites, known for their high birthrate, has noticeably increased. What's more, Chabad has now established itself so firmly on post-Soviet territory that it's been able to take control not only of high-placed members of of the regimes of "independent" governments, but of the political and economic processes taking place throughout the ex-USSR.)

It bears mentioning that Chernobyl has always been regarded by members of the sect as a sacred place of requital and punishment. You see, it was there that Bogdan Khmelnitsky wiped out the "Chernobyl branch" of Chabad's forefathers by fire and sword. And it's no accident that the catastrophe which took place at Chernobyl, which the whole world regards as a "tragedy" and a "catastrophe", is referred to by Lubavitchers as "The Chernobyl Wonder". It's no accident either that beginning in the 1990's -- the period of the establishment of the Third Khazaria -- Lubavitchers "opened season" on ritual bacchanalias in Pripiat', the epicenter of the Chernobyl Wasteland. [Unfortunately the author doesn't elaborate on these "ritual bacchanalias". -- Editor]

That's why my theory [Eduard Hodos] of a planned diversion, the generous financing of which was able to guarantee the well-known consequences at Chernobyl, has a perfect right to exist."

Quite phunkee, innit? ;-)
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