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Default Re: The Haitian Earthquake - possible use of scalar weaponry?

Don't mean to take over your thread, Farenheit, but just some thoughts.

One must use deductive reasoning before we jump to conclusions.

IF, and that's a BIG "IF," the PTB created the earthquake in Haiti and the "cover-up" to this tragedy was the previous warning by scientists that Haiti could be hit by an earthquake, what would be the reason for this attack on Haiti?

Does Haiti possess a Natural Resource?

If this was a manufactured disaster for that reason, we may not know the answer to this question for a quite some time.

We'll have to see how it plays out.

Or, do they just want to diminish the world of "useless eaters" no matter where they reside for population control measures?

Haiti is not a threat to America.

Haiti does not receive aid from the US as far as I know.

They have always been an impoverished nation.

So, what would the ultimate goal be, IF this earthquake was manufactured?

I find it very ODD that Haiti was warned years ago by scientists that they might experience an earthquake.

What was the purpose in issuing a warning of a possible earthquake?

It's not like one can prepare.

So, was it to "cover their tracks?"

Has California ever been warned of an impending earthquake?

Anyone know of any other warnings that have been issued to any other country or state regarding the possibility of an impending earthquake?

Just some thoughts.

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