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Default Re: The System of Antichrist and September 11 by Charles Upton

I see where you've been going lately Drak and I mostly agree.

Even Ahmed is saying a thing of sorts, that too much power is being given into the NWO and the subtle yet powerful effect of spiritual renewal and awakening is being ignored over the practical/pragmatic effects of the NWO movement.

I'm sure Christ in his wisdom knew that when their spiritual selves were awakened their hearts and finally their asses would follow of their own accord. Quite possibly, though my practical self still likes to flip the finger at arrogent power when i can.

I agree that maybe I'm being optimistic at peoples awakening which is why i talked about the cycle of tyranny---->revoloution....and round and round it goes until people realise the only choice is freedom...or death. Once they realise they are there 2 choices it's obvious they will choose freedom.

At the moment...things are still "relatively" good for the mass of Western sheeple...once they really clamp on the thumb screws we'll see. Once people start to see the true nature...people of conscience will rise up.

I think we must always remember that we live in THE most pivotal point in human history. It really is.

We are moving into a new era where peace and justice and decency will FINALLY reign on Earth.

All from a time of such death and we move from that purely reactionary animal self into more complete human beings who understand the totality of our natures and respect the FACT that we are not the END but the beginning of something much bigger...far beyond ourselves.

I think the human race is at the level of a teenager who cant clean his room or organise his day, but dreams big dreams. The Allmighty will be teaching us a few house cleaning lessons before he allows us out into His Universe.

How long will it take? Good question...the only way is forward toward life and hope...I must admit, it may take a generation.

Still, at least we can say we were having a go while most of the world slept. I'm very proud of that.
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