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Default Re: Why was Hitler allowed to fail?

angle wrote:
I don't think Hitler was set up to fall and I don't think he was part of the NWO either, in fact I'd say that he was fighting the NWO.
The evidence so far points to a setup of sorts.

Hitler was GIVEN carte blanche over Europe. Austria and Checkoslavakia were practically GIVEN to him. He was ready for war over Chekoslavakia and it's written he nearly fell over with disbelief when Eden and Co simply GAVE it to him...APPEASEMENT? No, he was used, egged on and finally double crossed.

France and England had vastly superior forces and yet they capitulated so easily. This cannot be explained totally by "inept" military tactics and superior German armaments and training.

People ask..."why did'nt Hitler wipe out U.K forces at Dunkirk"? He did'nt need was a goodwill gesture to the English public. The show was over and now England could make peace and continue it's fight for Empire against the Japanese...which Hitler offered several divisions to the English to help fight.

Hitler was deeply disturbed by the sudden appearence of Churchill and was dismayed by the sudden stubborness after all that had been given...hence Hess's little flight to catch up with U.K royalty to ask..."Vwat de hell iz going on"!

Hitler too was NWO through and absoloute pagan. Liked Christ as a revoloutionary against the Pharasees but believed no further than that. In fact Hitler believed in himself as a Christ/hero figure who based his religion on Parsifal and his search for the holy grail. "Only when the individual takes on the mantle of hero can he do the work of God"---Attributed to Hitler. He was smart enough not to confront Christianity head on and in "Hitlers Table Talk" stated..."we shall let it wither on the vine". Hitler was oft quoted as saying in heated discussions with his Generals when they refused or hesitated carrying out orders less than kind..."what is it with my Generals and their moral and religious scruples"?

Himmler was not so lax on keeping out Priests from the Waffen SS and moved onto getting rid of them from the German army in general. Himmler was virtually an occult Satanist at times mixed in with new age herb gardens in the camps.

The Nazi movement was HEAVILY into the occult.

The conservative Masons of Germany were disturbed by Hitler but feared Communism even more.

Were it NOT for the Communist leviathen...NO ONE would have gone along with one. He barely held a majority and the German people were fearful of war. Of course, post 1934 when the economy really picked up this was lessoned and many Germans report these times as the happiest of their lives...the sense of community, of belonging and a common goal.

The common thread to the tragic unfolding of WW2 is Communist Russia. The people of Europe were terrified of it. Nothing could have happened without this looming octopus. It is the beginning and the end of the mystery...TOTALLY financed and supported by the West...go figure.
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