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Default Re: Revival of Khazaria is strategy- revival of Soviet Union is tactic

You's REALLY freaky how computer games predict an unfolding geo political move.

I urge people...if you play "Ghost Recon". A take on the Tom Clancy book series.

In the first mission you must free up Central Asia from Russian control and help the Chechans...Tbilisi figures prominantly in the culminates with you as part of a U.N force actually liberating Moscow from the resurgent Communist movement....Hmmmmmm...

Then you're off to Cuba to "stabilse" the situation after the death of Fidel....Hmmmmm...

And finally you're off to Africa to stabilise things over there.....Hmmmmm...

I'm sure an awful lot of psy op's money goes into these computer games...ABSOLOUTLY.

I watch the news and i think i'm playing a computer game.

Chernobyl...Russian for "Wormwood" is'nt it?
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