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Well as it takes ages to get people to reply on here I thank you for your reply.

I was watching this documentary yesterday about the first year that Obama has been in power, I say in power loosely as I know he is just a puppet front man for the real people in control of the world. And it ended when an average American was questioned what he thought of the new health care plans for America. Bare in mind this man was morbidly obese and most likely to need medical care in his life time. He ranted and raved like a 2 year old who had his sweets snatched from him. He was disgusted with the idea that they wanted to introduce a tax similar to the UK's National Insurance tax to fund a national health care program where every American can been treated with health care if and when necessary. He was stating that the government were nothing but thieves and stealing his money. When asked if he believed all Americans were entitled to have health care, he shouted no they don't they should be responsible for themselves and buy private medical health care like he did and not be treated unless they did, when asked what if they simply can not afford it as they may not have a job. He once again screamed then that's their fault and they should get off their butts and get work. and continued to act so ridiculously I hoped he would have a heart attack. (shame on me for my bad thoughts) but I just could not understand why people would want others to possibly die due to them maybe having to pay a similar tax to our NI tax in the UK. I mean, I just make ends meet. I have no money for luxuries in life as I have just purchased my own home, however if I had to pay more NI to improve the NHS then I would but I would question where the money was actually spent and deal with the separate issue of my low paid job as that's a 2nd issue. I think that no one life is more important than another, no matter what race, religion or wealth status they come from. Also quite a lot of people in the US and UK have been made redundant and are either losing their homes or struggling to keep a roof over their head. Unfortunately they have to make a decision mortgage or health care at times or even worse food or mortgage when they don't even have health care. In the bigger picture to all of this I think giving American a NHS would be a good thing. But this does not mean I agree with Obama on all issues I just personally know a few Americans and they are in good jobs and they have relatives or even themselves at times have risked not having health care. I just don't understand why anyone would think it to be OK to turn a sick person away from a hospital because they could not afford to pay the massive health care bill.

I don't think that avg American would foot the bill on his own but by paying a small amount each month by every working American would make a difference, where its needed. This goes for a lot of things.

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