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Default Re: Silence hits the ground running.

Originally Posted by Truthbetold View Post
Greetings Whitenoise,

Thank you for your words, things have been confusing lately.

You suggest I should listen even more to the 'voice'within?

Greeting Truthbetold,
I would suggest to many a seeking Soul. That, that what seeks or drives us to seek, is the true source of mystery; and that is within mans own awareness or within. Also that many a confused state is brought about by trying to unravel “things” outside or that have no true foundation we have experienced, so therefore they continuously crumble; and that those poor Souls who are taken away or abducted by exciting stories many a forum spews forth or throws up, fight to keep a building standing that can do nothing but crumble.

You know my friend, Sometimes the best cure against the confusion, is to look for the beauty within our Hearts. When that is found, that becomes our guide and the beauty, and the beauty and love within others our food. Or, that which the seeking has always really wanted to taste.
Peace my friend, and have a beautiful day.
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