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Default Re: Exposing the Antichrist; Bill Clinton.

The Presidential Campaign

Bill met Hillary at while at Yale. They both were into the Marxist style of Government, which would basically allow for a Global Dictator. So, a woman named Pamela Harriman comes into focus. She was the widow of the late W. Averell Harriman.

W. A. Harriman was the wealthy heir of railroad tycoon, and eventually became Ambassador to Russia and Britain. Amongst many other things,
Harriman went to Yale and was a confirmed member of Skull and Bones.

And guess what? Harriman employed a couple of guys by the name of George Herber Walker and son in law Prescott Bush!

It's through Harriman's firm Brown Brothers Harriman that Prescott Bush got his ties to funding the Nazis.

Harriman knew Churchill well and is probably where he met his future wife, Pamela Churchill, formerly wife of W. Churchill's son, Randolph.

Mrs. Harriman, an interesting woman in her own rights, thought Bill Clinton, then Arkansas Governor, would make a good president. She funded him with $12 Million and influenced her friends to support him.

The Clinton Presidency.

During Bill's term (1993-2001), several key events evolved. One thing was Clinton relaxed key banking regulations, allowing for Credit Default Swaps.

Using terms like "free trade" he allowed the Queen's financial tentacles, which
is called the "Black Octopus", or the Beast rising out of the sea, to take hold.

Giant corporations like GE and GM and IBM, etc, all have millions of $ in payroll accounts. Betting on the strength of the dollar, these companies started betting in an overnight casinos, using their payroll accounts, operated through offshore account operated by the Queens financial system of commonwealth island. Bahamas, Caymen Islands, Isle of Mann, etc.

The money exchange was done the a completely electronic system called Eurodollar Accounts. This became what we currently know as "hedge funds"

All was good while the dollar was strong. Clinton looked like a hero, the economy was strong, the world was relatively peaceful, except for Bosnia.

Signs of the Antichrist.

Swept under the rug was the fact that the Clinton Administration was funding Iranian Muslim Fundamentalist to help the Mujahideen in

Ironically, the US Administration's undercover military-intelligence operations in Bosnia have been fully documented by the Republican Party. A lengthy Congressional report by the Republican Party Committee (RPC) published in 1997, largely confirms the International Media Corporation report quoted above.

The RPC Congressional report accuses the Clinton administration of having "helped turn Bosnia into a militant Islamic base" leading to the recruitment through the so-called "Militant Islamic Network," of thousands of Mujahideen from the Muslim world,

Perhaps most threatening to the SFOR mission - and more importantly, to the safety of the American personnel serving in Bosnia - is the unwillingness of the Clinton Administration to come clean with the Congress and with the American people about its complicity in the delivery of weapons from Iran to the Muslim government in Sarajevo.

That policy, personally approved by Bill Clinton in April 1994 at the urging of CIA Director-designate (and then-NSC chief) Anthony Lake and the U.S. ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, has, according to the Los Angeles Times (citing classified intelligence community sources), "played a central role in the dramatic increase in Iranian influence in Bosnia.
The Clinton Administration's "hands-on" involvement with the Islamic network's arms pipeline included inspections of missiles from Iran by U.S. government officials... the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA), a Sudan-based, phoney humanitarian organization ... has been a major link in the arms pipeline to Bosnia. ... TWRA is believed to be connected with such fixtures of the Islamic terror network as Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (the convicted mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and Osama Bin Laden, a wealthy Saudi émigré believed to bankroll numerous militant groups. [Washington Post, 9/22/96] 6

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