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Default Re: Exposing the Antichrist; Bill Clinton.

One of the important things that happened while Clinton was president was
that Kofi Annan became the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Around the U.N.'s corridors, Annan was privately referred to as "Clinton's boy." Inside Cover Story

In 2005, Clinton sets up the Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI. Clintons motto is
for people to become better Global Citizens. He even has a University to teach students how to fund raise.

Clinton urges what he calls "Commitments" which calls on corporations, governments, basically the elite to join the Green Movement/Carbon Credit
global trade system in "committing" pledged amounts of money toward building what they call "substainable systems", which will allow the elite to survive through the upcoming catastrophes.

The tsunami, Haiti, who's there as the special envoy. Bill Clinton, global fundraiser and future global Dictator. And behind every good man is a good woman, with Hillary in a unique position to ensure Bill's place in the New World Order.

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