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Default Is Pants on the Ground a Rip-off?

If you watch the following video, you'll see for yourself that it's not a rip-off

General Larry Platt has been one of the breakout stars of American Idol this season, with his instantly viral audition of "Pants On The Ground" generating far more buzz than any Idol contestant who actually received a golden ticket to Hollywood. The 62-year-old's "Pants On The Ground"--a wacky rap rant against baggy, draggy gangsta trousers--has even been performed by everyone from season 8 Idol semi-finalists Jackie Tohn and Alex Wagner-Trugman to Jimmy Fallon and Brett Favre. Platt recently reprised the song himself on an episode of The View, and reportedly has plans to record and release an official single of his overnight pop-culture smash..

But this week a new viral video surfaced courtesy of the Green Brothers, a hip-hop duo from Michigan, called "Back Pockets On The Floor."

The Green Brothers claim it was recorded in 1996, 13 years before General Platt's Idol audition was taped. "Back Pockets On The Floor" suspiciously tackles the same subject matter, and also features an elderly rapper:

Caught With His "Pants" Down! Is General Larry Platt A Plagiarist? - Reality Rocks

IMO, "Back Pockets On the Floor" sounds nothing like "Pants on the Ground" and just because it features an elderly rapper as does "Pants on the Ground," are we to belive that Larry Platt is a rip-off artist?

Sounds to me like the Green Brothers are trying to rip-off Larry Platt because his song made him famous and their song didn't.

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