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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
It's a VERY valid rebuttal.

That's why it took you sooooo looooong to respond.

Previously, you said that Autism wasn't increasing due to the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines, but now you are saying that there is a REAL REASON for the increase in Autism.

So, what is the real reason?

According to you, Autism is decreasing and increasing.

You sound confused.

BTW, the correct spelling is Thimerosal and not Thimerisol.
So sorry, but some of us have more things to do in life besides soaking up every piece of internet drivel the way you seem to do.

I have explained it several times, and yet you still cant seem to get it through your head, so I will try one more time.

Given all of the evidence it is quite clear that the reason for the seeming increase in Autism diagnoses is not due to an actual, absolute increase in cases. Rather it is an artifact of a broadening of the definition of Autism and a lessening of the stigma for parents getting a diagnosis. Autism spectrum disorders now include Asbergers and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, and the numbers are all lumped together under the overall umbrella definition of Autism. Also, parents are far more likely to have their children diagnosed now than at any other time in the past because there are effective treatments for some of the issues autistic people face, and there is far less of a stigma.
This is why a recent British study (which I posted here, not that it made any sense to you. Sad.) found that by applying modern diagnostic standards to individuals in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties, there was no noticeable increase in rates as a percentage of population. This means that the rate of Autism was the same forty years ago as it is today, it just was not being properly diagnosed. So while the rate of diagnosis may seem to have increased over the last decade, it is fairly clear that the actual rate of autism has remained largely flat for at least three decades. Remember that for a case to be counted in the statistics, it first must be recognized and identified by a medical professional. Something we are much better at these days.

There have been intensive studies of Autistic children looking for environmental causes. Even your dreaded mercury has been looked at. Several studies have compared the mercury levels in autistic children as compared to their parents and other siblings (who presumably would share the same background exposure) and they have found no causal relationship between mercury and autism, though it isnt 100% ruled out. Certainly Thimerosal has nothing to do with it. Thanks to the anti-vaccine movement it was removed from childhood schedule vaccines. This was not due to any findings that Thimerosal was harmful in any way. In fact many studies were done looking at it as a possibility, but none came up with any causation or even correlation with autism. Still, it was decided that with the Jenny McCarthys sewing doubt about it, it would be better to remove it from the vaccines rather than having a large number of people skip them over the controversy. Rather silly anyway, since the dose of mercury contained in the entire vaccine schedule is about 1/12th what you would get from one can of tuna.

Does that clear it up for you?
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