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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Originally Posted by HenryHunter View Post
I tried to get through this whole thread, I had to stop as I couldn't take anymore. The argument that the bones are dotted about the place, and that the building of the bones is guess work is a valid argument. Of course it was guess work, the dinosaurs lived hundreds of millions of years ago, for anyone to claim that they knew exactly how the bones should be assembled would be a lie, but at the same time disregarding these people who strived to rebuild these monsters is completely out of line, imagine the feeling of dicovering one of those big bastards.

The fact that the bible didn't mention them is such a ludicrous thing to say, the bible isn't the exact word of god you maniacs, it is a collection of old stories which are designed to help you be a better human being.... A MORAL TALE, have you ever heard that saying? The bible took a knock when they made the new testament and it became a book that people based in the real world, but it isn't, it is just stories.... To disregard science based on a book written by people who lived thousands of years ago is so unbelievably irresponsible... We are human beings for christs sake, if so many people didn't have such an issue with science then maybe as a race we could grow, but sadly the people who say things like 'evolution is just a theory' ruin it for everyone... By the way evolution hasn't been a theory for years, the only reason some people think it is, is simply because the hardcore religious types still refer to it as such... It was proven scientific fact years ago, something you might learn if you accept that science has things you can touch and hold... What from the bible can you say that about?

It's a good book, well the first half, but taking it too seriously can be damaging. Dinosaurs existed, and mary wasnt always a virgin

ha ha too lazy to really investigate eh
but, in your case , ignorance is not really bliss is it?

Have a nice programmed sleep in the Matrix
The Bible is provable to those who are seeking the truth-not too many truthers round here though it seems
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