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Default David Icke Challenges NEXUS Editor Duncan Roads!

Who to believe?!?

Check this out, true!

I've read most of Gardner's books and my conclusion is indecisive. I can't tell whether he's NWO or not. I have a gut feeling he's not honest.
He champions <a href="">"Prince" Michael of Albany</a> of the Stewarts as the rightful heir to the British throne but he seems to be a fraud, having made his title up and the story to go along with it.

Gardner also is the most convincing person to advocate the Jesus/Mary Magdalene secret bloodline. Icke says he mixes a lot of fact with a lot of fiction to twist the story in Prince Michael's and his own favour.

Now, David Icke also claims to have spoken to people who in their turn claim to have SEEN Gardner SHAPE-SHIFT at blood rituals involving infants!!!

Is this a ruse to discredit Gardner and his claims of the Jesus/Mary Magdalene bloodline or does it actually play into the hands of Gardner?

I'm a bit confused, to be honest!

Check out this article by Icke and the exchange between Icke and NEXUS editor Duncan Roads.

I don't know WHAT to think now - Icke's reptilian theory or the highly convincing but suspicious Gardner and the dodgy intentions of Roads!

Should we not give Icke credit for challenging the bias of NEXUS and Duncan Roads, in spite of his shape-shifting reptilian theory? Or might there be SOME grain of truth in that totally crazy-sounding theory? Or have I got disinfo overload?


<a href="">Sir Laurence Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter?

by David Icke</a>

New claims that Sir Laurence Gardner is a shape-shifter who takes part in human sacrifice rituals.

Major revelations about the reptilian presence on this planet.


Many people were understandably shocked and skeptical when Arizona Wilder claimed in the video, Revelations of a Mother Goddess, that Sir Laurence Gardner, the author and head of the ancient Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty, was a shape-shifting reptilian who took part in Satanic human sacrifice rituals she had witnessed.

Nexus Magazine, and its publisher, Duncan Roads, have been particularly scathing of these claims. Hardly surprising, when Sir Laurence Gardner has been massively promoted by Roads and his magazine.

But now the author and lecturer, Stewart Swerdlow, says that he also witnessed human sacrifice and blood drinking rituals at the Montauk mind control centre on Long Island, New York, in which Sir Laurence Gardner played a major role.

Swerdlow is the author of five books, The Montauk Project: The Alien Connection; The Healers Handbook; As You Sow, So You Shall Reap; Healing of the Mind; and The White Owl Legend. He says he was a victim of the now extensively documented mind control operation at Montauk Point from the age of 14 in the early seventies. He was one of the so-called "Montauk Boys".

He has never named names before, but has now chosen to talk to me about his experience of Sir Laurence, who has gained fame in recent years on the New Age and Holy Grail "circuit" for his books claiming that the Merovingian bloodline is the bloodline of Jesus. His best known works are Bloodlines of the Holy Grail and the Genesis of the Grail Kings: The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus.

I have most strongly contended in my own books and talks that this claim about the bloodline of "Jesus" is a diversion from the fact that the "Holy Grail" or Merovingian bloodline is a key reptilian bloodline from which vast numbers of people in royal, political, economic, religious, and military power today, genetically descend. It is the desire to maintain this reptilian genetic structure which has led to the obsessive interbreeding for aeons to the present day of the "elite" families.

Sir Laurence himself calls these "Holy Grail" bloodlines the "dragon" bloodlines, but claims that this term derives from the use of crocodile fat in the royal ceremonies of ancient Egypt. I would contend that the word "dragon" has a much more fundamental meaning than that. These bloodlines, which have invariably ended up in the positions of power since pre-history, have a much more dominant reptilian genetic code which has resulted from interbreeding thousands of years ago between a reptilian race (the "Serpent" race of endless legend) and the mammal-dominated bloodlines which we call "human".

Sir Laurence claims that the dragon bloodline, which he connects to the House of Stewart, has the right to the British throne and indeed that these bloodlines have the right to rule in general. According to him the senior legitimate descendant in this line is HRH Prince Michael Stewart, Count of Albany, although the background to this guy is being increasingly questioned and there are claims that he has invented the title.

Sir Laurence also talks in positive terms about the drinking of menstrual blood, or "Starfire", which, interestingly, was the Illuminati code name of Arizona Wilder, the "Mother Goddess" who conducted sacrificial rituals for the Illuminati in a mind-controlled state (See Revelations of a Mother Goddess and The Biggest Secret). You can read at length what Sir Laurence is claiming on this link:
(Starfire Article:

In my view it is classic disinformation or what I call gin and tonic with a twist. A great deal of truth, spun with the idea that these dragon bloodlines are not literally reptilian and are, instead, the genetic stream of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In an article in Nexus Magazine, he acknowledges that ancient legends said these lines were literally shape-shifting reptilians, but in an obvious swipe at The Biggest Secret, he says that it is astonishing in these more enlightened times that anyone can still believe it.

Sorry, Sir Laurence, the evidence will overwhelm you and is already beginning to do so.

Laurence Gardner has quite a CV: Chancellor of the Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty, which first emerged in Egypt in around 2,200BC and is now based in Britain; Prior of the Celtic Church's Sacred Kindred of St Columba, and an "internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist" Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain, "Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes - a constitutional advisory body established in 1946" formally attached to the Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stewart, founded at St German-enLaye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal.

According to Arizona Wilder and now Stewart Swerdlow, however, Sir Laurence Gardner has other duties also. Here I am going to outline in Swerdlow's own words what he says his experiences have been of Sir Laurence, and indeed William F. Buckley Jr., the head of the elite Janus mind control operation based at NATO headquarters in Belgium:

Stewart Swerdlow told me:

" When I was at Montauk between 1970 and 1983, I started out there at a very low level. I was not supposed to survive. It was only later when they saw that I was living when I shouldn't have been that they told me that less than one per cent of the experimented children survived. And of that one per cent very few made it into society.

Not that I claim to function well in society, because I really don't, but, however, I am doing better than other people are as far as survivors are concerned.

And you should understand that the ceremonies that were conducted at Montauk were very occasional. In other words they would occur at certain times of the year. And they would bring in people that were not usually there, one of whom was William F. Buckley, and one of the other ones was someone who I didn't know his name. We didn't know the names, usually.

It wasn't until years later that I saw a picture of Gardner and I realised it was him. It was quite a shock to me that here was this man who performed heinous ceremonies with me and there he was on this video I was watching, which, by the way, was made by Duncan Roads (a Nexus video). This was quite a shock to me. He was promoting as the truth the bloodline of the Holy Grail and the Jesus connection and all that stuff which is all diversion. All religion is artificial.

In the ceremony they would have sacrifices and during the bloodletting, especially if there were infants involved, these beings would change into a reptilian form. And the interesting thing about it is that there would be this yellow-green slime residue after the ceremonies. It would be on my body and on the altars and on the flooring. I have also since found it on my children as well, which is disturbing to me.

During the ceremony Gardner would be the one that would actually take over from the Mother Goddess. There was also a male counterpart to the Mother Goddess and he (Gardner) would actually take a blade from the male figure and he would plunge it into the infants body. And then he would, having shifted into reptilian form, he would devour the intestinal body of the infant.

To be quite honest I hate remembering these things. They are very disturbing to me. To this day I can't be around blood or anything reptilian. The blood sacrifice is very, very, disturbing to me.

My memory of that person (Gardner) started in about 1973 and went to 1980. It happened about three times a year that I would see him at the Montauk rituals. His face was the same, but his hair was darker and he was a bit thinner than he looks now.

I remember his face and the attitude...he has very powerful eyes and that is what I would focus on during the ceremony, was the eyes. And that is how some of the energy was transferred between us and them.

(When Stewart Swerdlow wrote about this, without naming names, in his autobiography, he was threatened, he says, and so were his children. He was jailed at one stage, also, by the government.)

Gardner would come in with a lot of pomp and ceremony. He would wear a kind of purple-violet robe and was naked underneath it. And then soon as he would shape-shift, the robe would come off and they placed a gold crown on his head. And the crown had what looked like an amber and a ruby, alternate stones all the way around.

William F. Buckley Jr. (the American publisher who heads the elite Janus mind control project at NATO headquarters) was the most awful of all of them. Quite honestly he used his teeth a lot. He used to bite a lot. He got pleasure out of hurting people by biting them after he shape-shifted. To this very day I have an aversion to that kind of thing.

In his shape-shifted form, Gardner was like a whitish-grey colour and had a very pointed back of his head. His eyes were kind of elongated, but not so reptilian, it was almost like they were a cross between human and reptilian. But dark, like a dark, golden brown. And he was not very tall, he was only about six-foot when he shifted.

Buckley was taller, he was around seven feet when he shifted, and he had a split in his crown, in other words it looked like horns instead of the top of his head. And he was rounder, more of a greenish white colour.

You see we were indoctrinated a lot at Montauk. We were told that there were seven levels of the reptilian race and the heirarchy of them were very similar to the Hindu caste system. So there were accordingly different shapes that occurred. The lower levels never really shifted, they were the little worker drones, if you want to call it that. The top of the line, the Brahmin-type, were very tall and winged (the Draco I talk about in the Biggest Secret and Credo Mutwa describes in The Reptilian Agenda videos).


There are locked sequences and open sequences in DNA. Open sequences manifest physically as a characteristic. These people have the ability to lock off certain genetic codings while they open others. When that happens there is a literal transformation of the cellular structure, which changes from a mammalian to a reptilian form. So it's not like the human form goes anywhere, it just shifts, it changes into a reptilian form because those sequences are opened. They also have the ability to shift it back.

But they do need mammalian hormonal levels in order to maintain the human form. Their base-line form is reptilian. (Princess Diana's confidant, Christine Fitzgerald, told me that the House of Windsor wanted to interbreed with Diana's genes because they were in danger of becoming too reptilian in their genetics and would not have been able to maintain a human form for many more generations - see The Biggest Secret) .

All humans on this planet have reptilian DNA. That's why we have the reptilian brain. Just watch a foetus in the womb and you'll see it go through a reptilian form before it becomes human. And that's what they are doing. They are able to shift that DNA back to the reptilian form and manifest that physically.

However, when they do that their psychic abilities are not very strong and that's why they have the ceremonies and why they need a mammalian form with the human harmonics in order to access higher levels of awareness. (This is why people like Arizona Wilder are mind controlled to conduct the ceremonies for them).

It is the resonance or the vibration of the blood, which creates an energetic field that they can access. And they get plugged into it. That's why infants and foetuses are so important to them, because it's so energetic and so pure that they can really access the switching from one point to another very easily.


The reptilians were the first ones to colonize this planet. That's why they consider it theirs. When this other group, a more human form came and colonized, and there were battles here, the human form actually won on the surface and the reptilians went underground and that's where the rumours of hell and stuff came from. That was about 200,000 years ago. It's not as recent as people think.

The original reptilians are coming back, they are here now, and the ones who remained on this planet developed their own little sub-culture, which went against what the overall plan was. And now they're afraid of their own people. There's a lot of scurrying around, if you want to call it that, to protect against the original population that's coming back and there's going to be a gigantic battle on this planet in the next few years. I think there's going to be war and the human-reptilian hybrids that are here are going to defend themselves against the originals, the true-breds.

This planet does not have any greatness to it, in or of itself, it's the location it has within the galaxy and the location it has within inter-dimensional travel that makes it so desirable. That's why this place is so important."

So make of all that what you will. If Sir Laurence Gardner has any reply to what Stewart Swerdlow is saying, please send it to this website and I will make sure that every word is printed with equal prominence.

David Icke

Web posted at:


And the exchange between Roads and Icke:

<a href="">Nexus Publisher, Duncan Roads
Replies to David Icke's Expose that Sir Laurence Gardner is a Reptilian Shape-Shifter

by David Icke</a>


by David Icke

The following is a reply from Duncan Roads, the publisher of NEXUS magazine, to the claims by Stewart Swerdlow and Arizona Wilder about Sir Laurence Gardner. In the interests of the free flow of views and information, and your right to come to your own conclusions, I print it in full. My responses are also included in dark red.

Dear David,

It was with considerable shock and horror that I read the posting about Sir Laurence Gardner on your website. I am glad, however, that you have so publicly promised to post any of Laurence's replies.

My Reply:
Sure...I just want to know what is going on and put all information before people. It is for them to decide what they think in the light of that.
Duncan Roads:

Since you are so happy to publish Stewart's (alleged) experiences involving Laurence, I wonder if you would care to consider my own?

My Reply:
Sure. Sad, though, that what you make out to be a personal letter to me was sent to a stream of other people before it got to me.This, therefore, meant there was no right of reply for me like I am offering to Sir Laurence and to you. But never mind, whatever. If that's the way you feel it appropriate to conduct yourself, please feel free.

Duncan Roads:
I have paid for Laurence to come to Australia twice now. Each time he came to speak at our annual NEXUS Conference. He was so well received, and so popular the first time, that we brought him over a second time.

My Reply:
Many people are popular in Australia, including, God forbid, among large numbers of Australians, the Queen of England. Don't see the relevance in this, mate.

Duncan Roads:
As you no doubt are aware, we have run three series of articles written by Sir Laurence. Feedback from our Internet Reader Survey, plus the many letters and emails indicate his articles are a great source of fascination for readers of NEXUS and their immediate circles.

My Reply:
Fine, but what is your point? To be honest, I cannot see how it connects to the article and invitation to Sir Laurence Gardner to put the record straight on what Stewart is saying he experienced.

Duncan Roads:
I chose to run those articles as they challenge the existing 'status quo' of western religions, plus provide interesting insights into the history of Christianity. I considered that they presented exciting and empowering views of history, and how are lives are affected to this day.

My Reply:
Again, where are you going here, Duncan? I have not challenged Nexus Magazine's right to publish Sir Laurence Gardner's articles. You have a right to publish what you like. What I was pointing out was that Sir Laurence has been given major coverage in Nexus to present his views without criticism or questioning from you or the magazine. In contrast you have gone out of your way to criticise and dismiss my own book and views which, even more than Sir Laurence, "...challenge the existing 'status quo' of western religions, plus provide interesting insights into the history of Christianity". Double standards.

Duncan Roads:
I am aware that your own views of history incorporate the belief that Christ did not exist.

My Reply:
As I have said many times, my research points to the fact that no 'historical Jesus Christ" ever existed. Was there ever a Jewish man named "Jesus Christ"? Or is this a perversion by way of intentional frauds by the church? The answers are no there was not and yes it is.

And how come the "Jesus" stories are awash with exactly the same events and experiences told about countless pre-Christian deities going back thousands of years? Just a co-incidence? I am far from the only one who challenges the literal existence of the Biblical "Jesus". If he did not exist, of course, there cannot be a bloodline back to him, which is the whole foundation of Sir Laurence's work. He has a right to say one thing, I have a right to say another. Simple.

Duncan Roads:
I am also therefore aware that the ideas promoted by two, high-profile researchers of late, Zecharia Sitchin and Laurence Gardner, are contradictory to your own. I perceive, thus, that you have reasonable motive to character assassinate them.

My Reply:
Really, Duncan, this is just silly. I really don't give a damn whether people believe in the historical Jesus or whether they think Sitchin is correct in everything he says. Why on earth should that ever matter to me? It is none of my business what people believe. In fact, I agree with quite a bit of what Sitchin says and, as I said in the website article, Sir Laurence Gardner has much fact in his writings. Why do you have to portray everything in such black and white terms? People should read what I write, what Sitchin writes, and what Sir Laurence writes. Then they should come to their own conclusions. I couldn't care less what those conclusions are because it is none of my business.

Duncan Roads:
Zecharia Sitchin and Laurence Gardner are well-respected by the public, not just for the content of their ideas, but because they have originated NEW concepts and ideas to consider. They have taken existing pieces of the puzzle, and have found new pieces to present a bigger suggested picture.

My Reply:
Yes, but so what? That also applies to you and your magazine, and to me and my books, and to Henry Kissinger. Doesn't mean that what we say is all true, does it?

Duncan Roads:
In contrast, you have built your 'research reputation' upon the work of others. Even the reptilian conspiracy theory you promote is not new. The only thing original in your 'research' is that you have persecuted two much-needed original thinkers!

My Reply:
Oh Duncan, don't be daft. You have built your magazine upon the work of others. You could not publish a single edition, but for that. Of course you, and Gardner, and Sitchin, Bible teachers, academics, myself, and every other researcher uses and studies previous research on subject matter. Every doctorate thesis also includes a bibliography of 'prior research,' to give evidence and credibility to the conclusions of the author of the thesis. Did you talk to Sir Laurence Gardner about this statement? Don't you think he read other research before coming to his conclusions? You don't think he read the book, "Holy Blood- Holy Grail"? I know he has used the research of others, but how can anyone not do so when they are trying to piece together vast amounts of information?

What utter nonsense this is, Duncan, what utter hypocrisy!

Now persecution. I have the accounts of two witnesses on file to the statements in the article concerning Sir Laurence Gardner. Two witnesses is a common law application directly from the wording in the Bible and adopted throughout history as defence in law. Two witnesses have come forward with their separate and individual accounts concerning Sir Laurence Gardner. In common law, the word of two witnesses stand as FACT, unless controverted by greater evidence. I have reported the accounts of these two witnesses. Your letter offers no controverting evidence in law to refute the testimony of two witnesses. Let anyone produce that evidence and I will publish it with equal prominence immediately. I just want the truth - whatever it is.

Duncan Roads:
I have had personal dealings with Laurence and Zecharia. I wonder if you have ever bothered to consider contacting them before publicly attacking their characters and promoting the idea of their being shape-shifting reptilian aliens from another dimension who kill and eat babies at satanic Illuminati ritual sacrifices? That would have been considered good research in my books!

My Reply:
Duncan, I am not saying they do. I was not there. I am reporting what people say they experienced. I am KEEN, let alone willing, to publish whatever they want to say in reply to these claims which is relevant to what is being suggested.

If you have controverting evidence.. bring it forward and I will publish it here - willingly. I just want to know what is going on. The group you do not refer to in your letter even once are the stunning numbers of children who are being abused and ritually murdered and tortured day after day. What about them? Do we not owe it to all of them, past, present, and future, to do all we can to find out what is happening? That's all I am trying to do.

Does anyone think I enjoy pouring over this stuff every day? There are many more things I would much rather do with my life, thank-you. But if we walk away, it goes on.

Duncan Roads:
Instead, you have chosen to rely on two obviously traumatised individuals. Assuming for a moment that their experiences ARE based in THIS reality, I can assure you that Arizona Wilder is NOT considered 'reliable' by others in her 'field'; and your latest witness for the prosecution, Stewart Swerdlow, is considered by other, original Montauk experiencers as VERY suspect.

My Reply:
Ms. Wilder has also made the same and similar allegations against William Buckley, but you did not come to his defence. How can you assure me of anything concerning Ms. Wilder? You say I should have contacted Gardner and Sitchin. Have you contacted and spoken to Ms. Wilder before condemning her and dismissing her in your magazine and elsewhere? No. Like, I say, it's just hypocrisy, Duncan. And what is Arizona Wilder's "field"? Suffering appalling abuse from the time you are born is not a "field". Goodness me.

Now for spurious... Did you know the "official website' of the European Council of Princes resided on a Gardner products website? Did you know the "official website" of the Royal Stewart line of Scotland resided on a Gardner products website? Did you know the "official website" of Prince Michael resided on a Gardner products website? Are you aware that there are geneologists who claim to have debunked Prince Michael's claims, promoted by Sir Laurence, as without foundation? Have you said so in Nexus to give balance?

Duncan Roads:
If gossip and innuendo are all you need to defame people like Sitchin and Gardner, maybe you should be held to the same scales of justice?

My Reply:
I am held to the same scales of justice that you insinuate. I have had my character assassinated for ten years in the UK media, Duncan, and the South Africa media, etc., etc.. That's just one of the hazards of doing what I do. Don't give a shit.

Duncan Roads:
After spending many years organising conferences, talks, workshops for scores of new-age speakers/gurus, (this was before I took over NEXUS) I can honestly say a lot don't really 'have it together'. Many want women on the side, money before they talk, drink, drugs, 5 star travel, or just more money. Laurence was certainly NOT one of these.

My Reply:
Okay, I give up. Where did I ever say that he was?

Duncan Roads:
Thus, when I select speakers for our conference, I always 'check them out' with other conference organisers around the world. You would be amazed at some of the experiences we swap! Admittedly, Zecharia is not considered the easiest person to work with, but he is widely considered as professional, honest and up front. Laurence came up with glowing recommendations from the one or two organisers I could find.

My Reply:
Good, pleased for you.

Duncan Roads:
You, David Icke, on the other hand, I should point out, have a reputation with some organisers to the point where they have told me they will never have you back again. The list of businesses that will never deal with you again is also quite long, even here in Australia. Are they ALL reptiles too? Would YOU like me to publicly mention what they all say about you?

My Reply:
If you do Duncan, you will be doing what you are accusing me of doing. But go ahead them all. Send the names to this website and I will post them right here.

But why are the numbers of people keen to help me getting bigger all the time?

Duncan Roads:
I can only go on my gut feelings about Laurence. I was able to spend several days of lunches, dinners and drinks with him. I had considerable time to form a character judgement of him, and based on these experiences I found him to be one of the most honest, reliable, and refreshingly egoless people for whom I have ever organised events.

My Reply:
So what? You now stand as a character witness for Sir Laurence. Good, that's your right. But again and again you have refused to address the point.

Duncan Roads:
On a personal note, I want to say how disappointed I am personally with where you have taken this. I, like many others, used to look up to you. You are very charismatic on stage, a powerful and motivated speaker, and very energetic. Your passion for what you believe comes through very strongly. Your advocation of values such as unconditional love earned my respect the instant I read it.

However your trawling the internet for anyone who has anything negative on Laurence borders on the tactics and style of the very tabloid trash media you so cheerfully criticise. I wonder what I would get if I asked for anyone with any dirt on David Icke to contact me?

My Reply:
Go ahead. I am sure you would get plenty. But they would not tell you anything that has not been printed already or that did not appear in my autobiography. Tell you what, Duncan, if you want to publish dirt on me, give me a ring. I might be able to help you with the detail.

(By the way, children are being tortured and killed around the world as we speak. Is this really the best use of our energy??)

I did not "trawl" the internet for trash on anyone. I ask the thousands who come to my website what they know about a stream of subjects - just as you get information to your magazine constantly from readers. Why have thousands of people coming to a website every day and not use their knowledge and experiences to move our understanding forward?

I have done precisely this with the Ritual Child Abuse going on world-wide. Are you saying I should not do that, then?

Duncan Roads:
I have now come to believe that you are just desperate for sensationalism, at any cost. Your use of twisting carefully selected extracts from Laurence's work indicates clearly that you have little interest in engaging in constructive debate. You have chosen smear instead of seeking the truth of the matter. What still amazes me is that you have not even bothered to contact Laurence to discuss any of this. You should really apply for a job at Weekly World News, or with Rupert Murdoch - their journalists use similar tactics.

My Reply:
When did you contact Arizona Wilder, Duncan? Oh, that's right, you didn't. And, by the way, far from carefully selecting extracts from Sir Laurence's work, I add a link in the article to his site and EXACTLY what he is saying in his own words. Also, if I was interested only in "sensationalism", why would I turn my attention to a person who 99% of the population on Planet Earth have never heard of??

Duncan Roads:
Ironic that one of the 'conspiracy movement's' recent 'stars' is putting the boot into two such admired writers/researchers such as Laurence Gardner and Zecharia Sitchin!

I personally believe that you have Laurence and Zecharia completely wrong! I do not believe that they are shape-shifting reptilian aliens as you depict. I believe Arizona and Stewart are totally mistaken in this respect.

My Reply:
Fine, and you have every right to believe that. Arizona and Stewart say they experienced something different. Its called life and freedom of expression. I repeat, I just want to know what the truth is, either way. I am merely reporting what they say and giving everyone the opportunity to say something different. I have invited Sir Laurence to respond. Why are you doing it and not he?

Duncan Roads:
You accuse me on your webpage as being scathing of your claims about Gardner. This is correct.

You imply that this is because I have 'massively promoted' Gardner. This is incorrect. I am scathing of your claims because based on my own personal experiences with Gardner and Sitchin, I simply do not believe they are shape-shifting reptilian aliens from another dimension who kill and eat babies at satanic Illuminati ritual sacrifices!

My Reply:
You just said you have organised events for Gardner, and published his articles at length. Further, you stated that you had "lunches, dinners and drinks with him, ...had considerable time to form a character judgement of him ...(and)...have paid for Laurence to come to Australia." That is massive involvement and therefore, promotion for a magazine.

Duncan Roads:
Of all the likely contenders out there to be reptiles, you continually pick on Sir Laurence Gardner, almost to the point of obsession! (I notice you have dropped off accusations of Sitchin of late). I suggest you are targetting Sir Laurence purely because his research contradicts your own theories about the non-existence of Christ.

My Reply:
Oh my goodness. Does anyone with any discernable brain-cell activity, really believe that I would do this because another author disagrees about Jesus?? Duncan, Duncan, Duncan, is that really the best you can offer?

I did not PICK on anyone, certainly not Sir Laurence Gardner. No-one would be more delighted than me if what is said about him is not correct. I can only report what is being said and that's what I do. Look at the stream of other far more famous people named by Arizona Wilder, Cisco Wheeler, Fritz Springmeier and so many others. Why do you not cite them? Sir Laurence is hardly mentioned in The Biggest Secret, and yet a long, long, list of other far more famous names are. How can you then claim that I am "picking" on Sir Laurence?

I did not send out letters or my articles to Laurence's detractors, nor did I attempt to post my article on Laurence's website, forum, or network. But you or your colleagues did with your letter in relation to me.

Duncan Roads:
Why else would you be so hung up on the guy?

My Reply:
I am not hung up on anyone. It is the simple pursuit of what is going on. If anyone is obsessed with Sir Laurence, Duncan, it would appear to be you.

Duncan Roads:
PS: If you do end up posting this for all to see, be sure to tell them to read the FULL series of articles by Sir Laurence, available for free at our website- Nexus Magazine. I notice the link you refer to on your website may not give readers access to the full range of Gardner's articles. An accidental oversight on your behalf I am sure.

My Reply:
Tis done...the free flow of information is all I am concerned about. I am sure that now you will have the same concerns and include in any articles referring to me in your magazine that my website is

Funny, you never have so far. An accidental oversight, I'm sure.

I would just end by saying that after reading what is, for me, an extremely childish letter, my lasting question is this: Are you REALLY the publisher of a magazine that has designs on being taken seriously?

You are? My God. I will never see it in the same light again. And I'm sure I am not the only one.

all the best,
David Icke
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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