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Default Re: Repent, Pat Robertson or Face Judgement!

Originally Posted by Rastor View Post
We may very well be in the last days, we very well may not be too.

I will fasten my seat belt when the temple is rebuilt. It hasn't started to be built yet to my knowledge , arguably to build it to specifications may take at least ten years or longer.

Prepare as if it will happen tomorrow, plan for it not happening tomorrow.

YEs to be in Christ through faith in the grace of God is the answer for us all, No doubt about that.
This is a youtube of the second temple- really well done
I agree- the new temple is certainly a requirement for the anti christ to get on stage and I think they could have it erected in short order if permission came from the Knesset
But you must agree that changes are exponential now- these are the last days :the gog/magog players for Ezekiel 38 are lining up to gang up

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