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Default Re: Repent, Pat Robertson or Face Judgement!

Originally Posted by Rastor View Post
My old pastor a staunch fundamental bible believer from America ( He was a missionary in New Zealand, where I live), any way he reckons America USA doesn't even feature in the end times senario as a world power, according to Revelation.

He also reckoned that that the CHIP insert in the skin may not be the biblical mark of the beast. (Im not so sure about that)

Consider that for 300 years after Christ; christians where being tortured to death on a regular basis, some times 5000 in one day for entertainment. I'm sure they thought they where in the end times and what about world war one and world two? Over 100 milliion killed. I have to say that this generation of baby boomers hasn't exeperienced any of that and yet we like to think the end of the world is coming? I don't buy it. We're a bunch of softies and doom and gloom merchants if you ask me.

Consider this also do you think the fullness of the gentiles has come, when out of 2 billion Chinese approxiametaly only 100 million max are beleivers? I would suggest that out of a current population of nearly 7 billion people that only 1 percent would be true belivers in Christ as saviour.

There is only one thing that leads me to believe that we may be leading up to the last days, and that was the first failed attempt at a one world government treaty in Copenahagen. Now having said that, these are just my opinions. I could well be way off base because you are quite right, things could all fall into place very, very quickly. However in conclusion there are things that must happen first that havent happend yet and until they do happen, I think to be fair, we can not say we are catergorically in the last days. In my opinion the last days begin at the out set of the seven year tribulation period. We are not there yet.

Thanks for the temple clips, they are amazing.
Hi Rastor
A study of the book of Ezekiel is in order to understand the present world situation
Book of Daniel is explicit as well in showing that we are in the last days.
- like I said: the players are in position in that Ezekiel prophecy and it is generally agreed that these last days precede the 7 years trib - of which all Christians will have been raptured as I understand it.
No one knows when the fullness of the gentiles will come in - except Christians wont be here when it does happen as it is a trigger for the rapture and then Jacob's trouble [ tribulation 7 years] begins untill the Jews call on their Messiah Jeshua the Christ.
Christians wont be here for the tribulation as we have been redeemed from the wrath of God which will be evident in the last half of the seven years on a wicked unbeleiving world that personally spurned His mercy in Christ's sacrifice.
Only a very small percentage of this planet have availed themselves of His free gift of salvation to all but He does say whosoever seeks me will find me, and also children will not be judged before the age of accountability.
The anti christ system in power during the tribulation will only allow trade amongst those who have his mark however it is applied- so faith in Christ at that time will be at the cost of ones life.
The troubles to come are a picnic compared to our goriest history- Christ said ' unless those days were shortened - no flesh would be saved'
The are enough stock piled weapons aimed at us all to over kill the world several times already!
But Christ will come to rule and reign in righteousness
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