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Default Re: Sony Patent Details 'Matrix'-Like Brain Stimulation System

The Japs are a real unknown quantity.

Their high tech is second to none.

Unlike the U.S Elite, they do not need to manufacture an enemy to con the U.S taxpayers into spending billions on high tech R&D. The old..."the Russians are coming!" replaced by..."the terrorists are coming" not required to build a 600 billion dollar fighter plane which yeilds a "Playstation" for the civilian sector.

Nippon has a industrial sector that can churn out high tech weapons (including nukes) in the blink of an eye.

I often wonder the EXACT role of Japan in the region.

The Japs hate America...their Elite may be happy to go along, but with a few changes the Japanese stance towards the West in general could change rapidly.

I wonder how the Elite plan to control Japan?

Perhaps build up China? Build up North Korea? Her ARCH enemy's.

Sometimes I wonder about the supposed NWO split...and then i have a flash of insight (in my eyes anyway) and it's plainly obvious there is NO split...just the usual European/U.S games of White Man keeping the natives in line. Which I a split...oh well, there goes the theory.

But Yes 55132...they have some AMAZING stuff in Japan and are leaving the U.S in the dust when it comes to robotics...a new industry in itself that Japan plans to dominate.
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