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Default You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

So now the whiny, Politically-Correct crown are shaking in fear because the obvious truth has been unmasked: 99.99% of terrorists are Muslims. They are no Irish Catholics, Baptists, Hindoos, Buddha idolators,but are Muhammedans ( I don't like the name Muslim, since muslim and islam means to submit to the will of God, which if they had, they would have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior. Therefore they are Muhammedans.)
The Muhammedan Menace can not be understated. We know from numerous and oncuring attacks by insane, demon possessed Muhammedans that they are a threat. So why can't we admit the truth and start PROFILING Muhammedans?
It's all because of the wishy washy Sickular InHumanists and their Atheist fellow travellers. Having abandonded the Lord Jesus Christ, they soon became bereft of any intelligence they may have. The Scriptures plainly says "the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God". We can not expect people who can look on God's beautiful creation and believe it came about randomly to intelligently deal with the Muhammedan Menace.
What we need is godly Leadership. We need to make examples of demon possessed Mohammedan terrorists. Do we need a trial for the underwear bomber? No. Take him off the plane and then put a bullet in his brain. Simple. 300 people saw this Satan controlled Muhammedan idolator attempt to ignite his genitals in an attempt to kill righteous Americans.
The penalty for a soldier turning on his comrades in arms should be the same. Put Satan's puppet of hate against the wall and blow his brains out against said wall. Retribution for treason and for those who support treason against their nation and who have broken their Oath should be death, especially when it is so obviously beyond any reasonable doubt that even a person with a single brain cell could have.
I imagine the Muhammedans will now try to explain how their religion is a religion of peace. Pleeeeaze...I get sick of Muhammedan apologists who aid Satan's imps of fascist evil.
Treason in war time is a capital offense. You either stand with your countryman against the Satan inspired Muhammado-Fascists or you stand against us. If you stand against us and you are captured and you are a terrorist or an American traitor you SHOULD die.
Make no mistake we are at WAR! The aim of war is to kill so many of them that they no longer have the ability to harm you. We must harden are hearts when the Muhammedan madman comes with his blood soaked knife to slit our collective throats. If they think we will die like lambs, we must blast, bomb, shoot and gas them back into reality. Only when the possibility of obliteration of them, their families and Mecca is a reality will the Muhammedan even THINK of coming to the bargaining table.
We must make it clear if they set off a nuke here, we will nuke Mecca in retaliation and other holy sites. The Muhammedan madman only understands the point of the bayonet and the only law he recognized is the law of tooth and claw. We must teach them they will either live in peace with us or perish forever from the face of the Earth.

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