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Default Re: You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
We must make it clear if they set off a nuke here, we will nuke Mecca in retaliation and other holy sites. The Muhammadan madman only understands the point of the bayonet and the only law he recognized is the law of tooth and claw. We must teach them they will either live in peace with us or perish forever from the face of the Earth.
Amen PE#1,it might get their attention, but Allah as you know is capricious and unpredictable like his name - which means lie. The poor Muhammadans have been sucked down the endless tube of deception and will be act like their god and perish with him
Unless the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob enlightens them they are lost.
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