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Default Re: Microchip Technology..Cloaking

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
I see that the chip can track a person, but has weaknesses. One is that the signal can be blocked and the chip can become invisible.The other is malfunction.

Some of the chipped who were experimented on seek a way to block the signal retrieved by sattelite. I wonder why this is not a big topic
I know of ways using gold and lead as a form of cloaking practice...but was currious about others and what they think about the cloaking of such devices. Would that make a man or woman with a chip a terrorist because they can hide or intend to not be seen/presving privacy and freedom?

I know that laws are being created and/or are being imposed against removing one. What about blocking one?

Anyone with info on blocking the signal should post the design for all to see.Even if its just info on this area of discussion, I would love to see it.. It may be too late soon. I wonder why I never see this topic anywhere on the net?

I know of 2 ways to block or alter the signal that are natural.
One is with lead.
One is with Gold.

I am curious if there are other ways.
im new here.. had to use the quote. dont know how to navagate to good just yet. about blocking it. how about using tin foil or wrenalds wrap. dident the air force once use choped up tin in ww2 once to block radar.
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