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Default Re: You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

A forum I quit only yesterday.. In regards to tolerance with islam .. I was in that forum for about 4 days. When I went to a forum topic of religion vrs science.. I posted my belief in god made all and all that sort.. But after I mentioned jesus and the virgin mary.. I was generally treated like s---. calling the virgin mary the H word and saying I have a three headed god and is false thereís only allah.. And all kinds of harassmentÖ I couldnít take it no more I asked the moderator to cancel my account.. The point is Catholics and anything non islam is supposed to have tolerance with islam as well as the good old usa with religious freedom. And islam believers to have the same tolerance with Christians.. Well I found that muslems.. When hiding behind a keyboard hate roman catholic the most.. Showing there true colors. Im not one to bash anotherís belief. But they are the worst kind of a phony.. All honey and sugar on the outside till they get the chance to say to any Christian what they really think.. Without anyone knowing who they are.. Im telling you they really went at me because I believe in jesus.. If they ever saw me they would keep there mouth shut that im sure. If there any such people in this forum I would quit this one to. So I hope this site owner donít allow this sort of thing this is a pretty good forum..
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