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Default Re: New member:Undaunted

Lovie said:

Wow, what is going on here?

The responses to each posts seem way over the top crabby.

I wonder who the admin is.

TBT, I sortof like the video..It's a strange one for sure.
who is the artist?

There are other Conspiracy sites on the web.. My Fav being armageddon online.

good luck people.


There isn't anything going on here other than I posted a comment which you didn't like.

FYI, each post on this forum is not way over the top crabby.

This is your perception and your perception would be wrong.

The administrator of this site is the owner, Sanjay Sabini.

Why does that matter?

Do you want to contact him about what you consider to be a way over the top crabby comment that I posted?

Don't bother.

I'm the moderator of this forum and I don't find my comment to be way over the top crabby and, even if it did, do you suggest that I ban myself or anyone else on this forum because they post what you consider to be a crabby way over the top post?

If so, I can assure you that isn't going to happen.

Good luck at your favorite conspiracy site.

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