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Default Life As I Know It

Looked this forum over and thought to join.
You could be, my "kind-of" people.

Am coming out with a "case history" on myself.
The "what's" going on variety.
This goes back to "before" there were "gods".
If the link isn't at the bottom of this post; it is in my profile.

Not of the mind that "life as we know it" from this planets' history, originated
here. See this world as some kind of "imprisonment" forced upon us from
where-ever(?) we were vanquished from.
Possibly this world was "over-ridden" somewhere around 1955 and we are here
from since then. (rock and roll, swept the English world, anyway)

Pretty-well take things to "ones' self" self-exists.
(not very well at hand in us these days)

Pretty-well think "beings" (somewhere) are cultivating us for harvesting.

Fairly sure I'm of "sound" mind. However, I've been "induced" to see things
the way I do. Am a "ways" out there. In a way, I "know" everything in myself.
Prior to "coming down" of real late, you could see me as a "megalomaniac".
Younger years had it at paranoid(?), shcizophrenic. Megalomaniac is truer.

Turns out that I've not been in "control" of myself, mindwise, all my days.
Have been "induced" to be, by "beings" elsewhere(?).
Whatever it is that is there, that still "wants" to turn me out "somehow",
is some-kind of "automatic" happening.
It over-rides me from "above and beyond".
In the end, it wants me to have it in, for myself. It currently does.
I might have things well in hand; but not "that" well, in hand.

Mostly I'm wondering if this is a "local" occurrence,
like "Village of the Damned" or "Stepford Wives" or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" movies.

Put up a blog where I tell my story Social Oppression
You will need to start from the first post.

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