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Originally Posted by Cazbat View Post
I have decided to ask you lot a few questions, I will do this first to get a general idea about what you generally think before asking you the actual question as I don't want to influence your answers.

1. Would you donate to charity?

2. Would you give a street entertainer/busker any money?

3. Would you walk on by or stop and assist someone hurt in the street?

4. Would you like the world to treat each other the way you would like the world to treat you?

5. Are you selfish, do you only care about yourself?

6. Do you believe that the rich should get richer or help those less fortunate?

7. Do you have a spare $ or you could easily live without?

8. Do you think greed is the route of all evil?

9. Would you do absolutely anything for a loved one?

10 Do you think someone who risks their life for another is a hero or an idiot?

These questions could go on and on please answer truthfully I am very curious to find out what you think.
1. not likely will anymore
2. never have
3. good chance walk by
4. would like the world to treat me like I treat it
5. I would be first and foremost
6. we all have to manage for ourselves
7. not anymore but most of the time
8. don't think there is such a thing
9. would have my limits
10. wouldn't think either one "of them" outright

You lost me on your follow-through post.
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