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Default Re: Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth?

Originally Posted by SeC View Post
Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth?

by Paul Craig Roberts*, 11 JANUARY 2010


Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth? [Voltaire]
Answering your ?, not replying to your post.

Don't really think the "truth" is valid in world politics. Think the "truth" is something "other interests" snag us by. We, the uninitiated ones in cold blooded reality, are pawns used by them to further thier cause.
(affectable by the truth)

In real life things go either way. In doing so, so things will be. However that turns out. There is no "one way" and NOT the other.

Things cannot be, however they are, without things able to be so.
Things would have to be the way they are, because that's the way things are able to be.
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