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Default Re: You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

Originally Posted by Truthbetold View Post
man you got some issues
First, let me do as the Bibler commands me to do and bless you. I pray sincerely that you and your beloved will never know the terror and heartbreak of a Muhammadan attack. May the Hand of the Lord Jesus Christ protect you and defend you and your family against the wiles of Satan and the Evil One's murderous henchmen.

As for my issues, I would say I don't have any. My religion aside, it is clear to see that the Muhammado-Fascist jihadist means us ill. While war is an ugly thing, it only helps evildoers to hide our head in the sand. We can no more let these workers of iniquity go unchallenged then we could Adolf Hitler or any other maniacal madman bent on our deaths.
I also believe I said I felt we need to eventually negotiate with Al Queda. But I have seen no evidence they desire to come to the negotiation table, so I assume the enemy believes they can overcome us by feats of arms. This being true, we can possibly bring them to said negotiation table when the enemy does not believe he can achieve his goals on the battlefield.
Untill such a time, we must fight these Islamo-Nazis wherever they are found. And yes, we should use the might of our military to destroy the workers of evil, wherever they find a bolthole to assail us like murderous cowardly pigs.
I sincerely believe YOU have an issue. Could it be that you haven't the stomach or commitment required to bring the Islamo-Nazis to heel? Are you the equivalent of a Judas Iscariot, trading innocent blood for peace? Peace under the lash and in fetters and chains is not peace but slavery. Do you desire to be a slave to Sharia law? I believe the Founding Fathers would call you a "sunshine soldier"-someone who is willing to fight when it is easy, but quivers in fear in the winter of adversity.
Stand strong. We will be victorious over the Islamo-Nazis. They can not break us unless we give in.
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