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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

The school system has never been about learning IMO.

It has always been about "working" us into society.

The school system and the work-a-day world is not the society we are worked
into by the schooling. Supposedly thought so prior to nowadays.

The society we are worked into is the society of one another. The established world around us, where we are (oul local area). This is all seen over by a hidden hand, above and beyond us, in here we are.

Our lives have already been decided BEFORE we are even aware of anything.
We live out our lives to the end of this lifetime, like they want.

Some of us will be free of them by the end of this lifetime. We don't get that
way by our own efforts though. "They" want us to see it like it's by our own
efforts but it's not. "They" are all over us, through and through. Past. Present
and Future. We will not likely be free of "them" anytime soon.

The "outcasts" of society are put out by "them".
"They" want us to see it's because of ourselves and people around us.
It's not. "They" are in complete control.
Not everybody "knows" this or will know it. Not everybody will believe it or
disbelieve it. The outcasts are paranoid, schizophrenic even megalomanian.
We don't get it from "ourselves". They turn us out that way, purposefully.
The known world around says it's all in our head.
I don't even have such "imagination" in myself.
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