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Default Re: You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

Originally Posted by Truthbetold View Post
Christians murdered millions a people during the crusade, witchcraftburnings and jews during the course of history.

So according to your logic all Christians are evil as well and should all be killed

Uhh..wasn't a long time ago? Seems to me if you want to go back that far, then you could be related to a murderer when your cousin Urgahh hit my uncle Erggh over the head with a club in the stone age days.
Can I expect an apology for what your late, late cousin Urgahh did? I expect not. The fact is we don't need to open dusty tomes to see TODAY what Muslims are doing. That, my friend is called a "red herring", a logical falacy.
Deal with what is happening NOW. Oh, and I guess you will equally criticize Atheism, which has systematically exterminated millions as well and oppress millions tyoday in the form of communism?
As for a Crusade, I am not against it today. I don't think we need to apologize for wanting to defend our lands against radical Muslims who wish to impose Sharia law on us. Yes, if it comes to that I will take up my AK-47 and FIGHT those trying to do that. If they wish to do so in their OWN lands, where THEY are the majority, have at it I say.
Fact is, we allow them here whereas they oppress and attack US in their lands. I have no problem with a Muhammadan idolator praying to his idols five times a day, as long as said Muhammadan dosen;t try to force Sharia law down my throat. Why should I care if they choose to burn in Hell? It's not me that will fodder for Hellfire!

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