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Default Re: Martin Luther King Jr. the Amerikan Traitor

Almost every leader, whether civil or government affilated, got enough bones to fill a graveyard.

Was Alan Stang your one-stop resource on the dark side of MLK? The fact that he was funded by communism is not new to me, but please provide more independent, unbiased sources on this issue. Change my mind.

What provoked you to start a thread on the transgressions of MLK, especially since the "holiday" is well over?

We all need to remember that these communist bastards are working towards a corrupt, unethical agenda. They will use the KKK, NAACP and similar groups against each other by funding all to fuel the racial wars. You can't hate your brother and love Jesus too...

Don't hate MLK, hate the games the communists are playing with our lives.

No man is without sin, no, not ONE. MLK had too many quotes and speeches for me to believe he was a PLAGIARIST! Some of his quotes have as much power today as they did 40 years ago, especially about war.

[size=small]\"There comes a time when silence is betrayal\" Martin Luther King[/size]
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