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Default Re: You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

Wow you have really hit the jackpot.. your ideas are quite illuminating..

Sorry if it seems as if I am extrapolating data from your previous statements, but are you trying to say that if someone has an idea, tells someone about it, and the person affected by this idea becomes hostile towards the person with the idea, then this is justifiable?

In other words, if a Muslim man has great ideas that coincide with evolution and movement, and someone is frightened by his remarks, then they should kill him?

What I think is that everyone has the right to say whatever they want to.. regardless of it's strength in validity. Telling someone that they are wrong only hurts their feelings- maybe if people put more effort into truly teaching, rather than telling, people wouldn't be so confused and ignorant? I donno, just saying.
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