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Default Re: How should I live my life?

Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
Living in this socialist matrix, where at the same time everything is collapsing around us, and most importantly, realizing this, how does one live his life? I became hip to this stuff since last year and as a University student I can only groan at every thing being taught there. I know I don't want to have kids and raise them in this world, and so I guess I'm biding my time by reading the Bible and trying to live a life for God.

Can anyone else share their experiences on how to cope? :-D
You are the only one that can answer your question.
How you can answer your question is within yourself.

Live by your own "inner-sense" of be.

What's right with you in your own eyes to you yourself.
Not a blanket statement. You would have to work it out in yourself though.

Keep your eyes open for what "builds" you up AND brings you "down" from
upholding yourself in yourself.

All kinds of "walks" in life around. No one can decide for anyone but them
selves. All around wants to decide for us though. Even I to you and you to me

It's all in being able to live with yourself. From "on-the-level" one to another.

My blog url: is in my profile. Is my case history of being.
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