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Default Re: You Cant Handle The Truth III: 99.99% of Terrorists ARE Muslims!

Originally Posted by Nectarious Daniel View Post
Hm,this topic is quite intresting.
The violence in Islam is one thing,but there is more to it.
Take a look at this webpage:
Illumination: the Secret Religion - Identity Crisis

In there it says that Islam tries to suppress your identity.
Then when you have no identity,you can be more easily brainwashed.
It's logical.
mental deprivation. crule treetment. the thing to do is remember. people who make other people suffer to get the results they want.. reward and punnishment.. place where i live.. he allways makes sure he walks past my drivway every time i come out of the house in the morning.. you look out the window. hes not there. because you decided to go out at a difrent time. but when you go out. he was hideing.. and walks past the drivway just as you come out of the house. just to make sure you notice it. people that treet others like that should be locked in a 4 by 4 room with no sound or light.
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