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Default Re: Life As I Know It

So far I'm the only one posting replies in this thread.
However it seems like I must have looked at over 500 threads so far
and I have made less than 30 posts in replying to anything.

Trying to expand on this thread.

In telling my story it turns out along the lines of: the world around us.
seen and unseen, has plans for us before we are even born and
after we are dead and gone.

Chances are everyone "could" go on and develop themselves about to the
tune of "their" own story to tell. Not all will went to tell it to anyone from
early on. You may think it's your own little secret long before you do.

The one I tell, heavily induced by the unseen world, all over we be
starts out from how we all live mostly unknowingly but knowingly as well
being oppressive to each other in our "everyday" lives.

Social Oppression: January 2010
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