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Default Respect for Tiger Woods & Hope For Sex Addicts

First, I want to say something that some of you might freak out on: I am PROUS that Tiger Woods is confessing his sexual sins and asking those he wronged for their forgiveness. It takes a real man to humble himself before others and admit to the exact nature of his wrongdoing.
Anybody that has worked with addicts in recovery, including sex addicts, understand the demonic nature of the disease. I myself have counseled some people in this situation and have found, to a person, all of them filled with shame, remorse and fear.
I have nothing but respect for A.A and N.A, and I believe the Lord Jesus would approve of them as well.
Do you know what the difference between a sinner and a saint is? Very little, really. A saint and a sinner are the same in this sense-both are pathetically riddled with desires and thoughts that lead to wrongdoing. The difference, and the ONLY difference between a saint and a sinner is the saint admits he is powerless over the power of sin and NEEDS Jesus to free him from desires and habits that will spell a spiritual death a billion times worse then physical death. So, in fact, the Church is filled with recovering sinners seeking God to help them overcome their addiction to sin.
Well done, Tiger! My fondest desire is for you to find Jesus and get saved (if you are not yet all ready). Peace and healing to you and your family!

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