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Default Re: We need to unite

What we need, ultimately, is leaderless resistance. Conspicuous leaders are an excellent way for resistance movements to be KILLED OFF, or at least infiltrated. Operating in cell groups, thinking up creative ways to nail the system to a tree, is the way to get things done.

We need to think OUTSIDE OF the violence vs. non-violence argument and start thinking about plum gettin' the job done. I am not saying we should react thoughtlessly and without consideration for the lives and property of INNOCENT people, but that we should do whatever it takes to get these government people to understand that WE ARE NOT BLUFFING. Ultimately, it comes down to brainstorming, talking it over, comparing notes, coming to a consensus amongst ourselves, thinking up good covert methods of destroying the system, and coming to the aid of fellow resisters as much as we can and as much as our resources allow.

Yes, I think that as seperate elements, we can accomplish much more than if we advertise ourselves so that they can blow us away much easier. It's going to have to be secretive and silent, striking at the virus with all we've got.

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