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Default Re: Abovetopsecret is a COINTELPRO disinfo operation

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
if you do a google search of JasonLucas Godlike productions, you will see that forum is highly suspect also, there are alot "conspiracy forums" that are suspect, a good clue to know for sure is when you post anything viewed as "anti-semitic" they ban you immediately, this tells you the site is full of crap, and probably NWO CONTROLLED, Psych/ops programs, forums, are much like television basically now adays, just mind control tools of enslavement, instead of staring at idiots on TV, the PTB now have the internet,(which they invented) to corral peoples thoughts into there flow.....IMO......TAVISTOCK ANYONE???
I agree with you 100%%%% GodLike Productions is a NWO forum used to gather data and promote issues they want known. Trinity, supposed owner, works for/supports the enemies of freedom! On GLP you can post all sorts of, foul talk, rabid anti-muslim crap and so on...but post about Zion and its control networks and you are banned!
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