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Default Re: Reasons for the FEMALE lower Status!

Originally Posted by CurtisJohns View Post
The reason is the Bible. When the council got together to choose the gospels that would be put together to form the bible they didnt include any gospels written by women. Infact there were 24 gospels from men and 17 from women. None of the women gospels got it. Therfore because of this followers have percieved that only male opinions count therfore over time making females have lower status....

Stupid theory i know but any comments???
Currently appears to be all by design.
Whatever the powers that be, have it at:
females to be with males.
Females were not designed to stand alone.
Males, however, were.

Females cannot see males, these days.

Females have it in for males.
They want us males to go "belly up".

Is the WAY of "nature".
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