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Default Can any members here help?


First post, and really asking you for help, sorry.

We are going to start doing a podcast every saturday night, starting tonight aimed at conspiracies. We need some people with good stories or any information they wouldnt mind talking about on our podcast.

I hope this doesnt break the rules, but here is the link to our show.

Bear in mine only the Saturday show will be conspiracy based, every other show is an anything goes show.

Tydepoker Radio Conspiracy Sunday 2/20/2010 - Tydepoker Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Hopefully some of you will tune in, enjoy and contribute. Again, sorry if this is a breach of the rules, we just want this to be a sucessful weekly show and figured that this wouild be the perfect place to find like minded people.

The show will be at 11:30pm EST. If we get a decent response, we will add a 2nd hour.

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