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Wink Re: Have these forums been infiltrated?

Everything has been infiltrated. There are huge buildings full of computers, as well as people that work at home. All they do is post propaganda every day. When you feel like someone is trying to make you look stupid or belittle you, that's a good indicator. I've dealt with many of them. If the Mods side with them a lot, the entire site is a Hasbara just crawling with Hasbarats.
They do get paid to confuse people...much like Satan himself. I just love to butt heads with them...till they lose the battle and throw me off that is. When they ban you, you won. Doesn't matter to me. I tell the truth as I see it. By now, Abe Foxman knows exactly who I am. That's who does it, the ADL/Mossad team. The ADL supresses free speech and the Mossad takes care of the really squeaky wheels. I don't get my feelings hurt easily and I am a proud anti-semite.
I think, therefore I am dangerous.
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