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Default Re: Was Jesus a Jewish Religious Bigot?

Originally Posted by pavlov's dog View Post
A Canaanite, if you read Genesis, are the offspring of Cain. Cain was the offspring of the Serpent (Satan) The Serpent Beguiled (Seduced) Eve. Jesus turned the lady at the well away because she was not capable of recieving him as the Lord and Savior. She was one of "them." The Pharisees, were told by Jesus that the are of their father Satan. Todays Jewish rabbis are the direct desendants of the Pharisees. They created the Talmud, which Jesus called the Traditions of the Elders. It is nothing more than a plan to cast the entire world into slavery, cloaked in a religion.
Evil is living on this earth. Every time you ask yourself why can't life just be good, why is there so much death and destruction, it is because of what happened in the Garden Of Eden. That was the Original Sin.
Huh? Jesus walked sixty miles on foot to give the woman at the well the waters of eternal life - He led her to himself, to salvation, she then went and preached the gospel to her whole village because she did receive Christ as lord and saviour - It was his deciples who where rather unimpressed with Him for even speaking to this woman. Cains was offspring of Adam and Eve. What pharisee has been teaching you might I ask?

Jesus Christ was and is God people, and it is He who will judge the quick and the dead at the great white throne Judgement.

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