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Default Re: Was Jesus a Jewish Religious Bigot?

I get my information from the study of ancient Jewish text. This is from the Zohar:

Pekudei 203: "Breastplate and Efod"
  • After Adam and his wife sinned, and the serpent had intercourse with Eve and injected filth into her, Eve bore Cain. He had the shape from above and FROM below in the secret of the filth of the Other Side, and from the side below OF THE EXTERNAL FORCES. Therefore, he was the first to bring death into the world, caused by his side, AS HE CAME OF THE FILTH OF THE SERPENT. The nature of the serpent is to lurk so as to kill, and his issue, CAIN, learned his ways. And so it is written, "and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and slew
    him" (Beresheet 4:8).
  • By the way, the church is just a tool used to cover the real truth. And also, Jesus was born in Nazareth, in Palestine. He is one in the same as the Palestinians that are being slaughtered today by the Synagogue Of Satan. Nice try anyway.
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